Multipurpose waterproof pack

Essential items for playing in the water and traveling. Get ready in advance this summer!


- As the irregularities engage, the cross-sectional area increases and the sealing force increases due to strong adhesion of the angle.

- The opening was folded every four bars to enhance the easy but powerful waterproof function.

- It is simple and safe in the form of boldly deleting complex locks and folding each node to fill in the tick.

- It can be carried like a cross bag, making it convenient to carry, and it moves smoothly, so the strap does not twist, enabling comfortable activities.

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Product Multipurpose waterproof pack
Model No. MP-B50 MP-B80
Size Medium (200(W)X185(H) X 12(D)MM Large (200(W)X256(H) X 12(D)MM
Weight 74g 88g
Component Waterproof pack, Shoulder strap.
Material PVC
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
Distributor mpacplus
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg. No.1886360,1068349
1065886, 1117889, 1068344,1068284
U.S. Trademark Reg. No.5,362,566
China Trademark Reg. No.21524486
Korean Trademark Reg. No.1166534
1166532,1166531, 1175794,1175795,1436636