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Dear Sirs,
Thank you for visiting mpacplus.

Dear Sirs,

We sincerely welcome your visit to our website.

mpacplus started its journey with the parent company, Daesang Tech, founded in 1985 as a vinyl laminating company. Then, we incorporated mpacplus in 2015. With more than 130 patented technologies, we are currently producing innovative products based on many years of experience in high frequency and thermal welding technologies and liquid or air charging technologies.

Here are some examples of our main products: an eco-friendly fishing weight that can be easily removed when it is caught in crevices of rocks, which is the cause of polluting environment; a mini sized album and printing sheets that can be connected to mobile phones; a wearable mosquito repellent air freshener; a patch-type deodorant for foot odor, a zipper-less smartphone waterproof case; the world’s first smartphone touchscreen waterproof case; a neck cooling tube and an ice vest made with PCM materials; the world’s first makeup microcells silicone puff with 8,100 embossed microcells on the surface of puff to evenly distribute cosmetics without clogging the pores; a drybag and an emergency bag that can be used as a tube in case of emergency; a reusable mask that can be worn more than 100 times; an ice vest filled with PCM materials, etc.

Not only mpacplus develops sporting goods, household goods, makeup applicators, body care applicators and automotive air bladder applicators, we also develop other innovative products, including OEMs and ODMs, according to customers’ needs.

mpacplus is striving to fulfill its role as a leader in order to create the best value in the industry based on innovative technologies as well as to become a socially responsible company contributing in ethics, environment, human resources and community development.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Kwang-oh Son CEO of mpacplus