Drybag 3L, 6L

Comfortably used at anytime and anywhere! Drybag is a practical multi-purpose waterproof bag that can be easily carried not only during sports, travelling, hiking, beaches or swimming pools, but it could be also used conveniently in everyday life.

- 3L, 6L large capacity to store ample items

- 100% made in Korea with eco-friendly materials

- Waterproof and smooth touch

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Product Dry bag
Model No. DB03L DB06L
Size 18 x 22 mm 22 x 24.5 mm
Weight 106g 182g
Component Dry bag
Material PVC
color Pink, Navy Sky, Black
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Pending Appl. No.10-2020-0044404
U.S. Patent Pending Appl. No. PCT/KR2020/004950
Korea Design Reg. No.1085987,1060297,1060298,1055523
1055524,1049092,1049093,1028222, 1028223, 1028224,1028225
Korean Trademark Reg. No.0929016,1436636