mpac Snorkel

. With the application of underwater touchscreen technology, mpac Snorkel allows users to take photos and videos while snorkeling and other activities, such as swimming pools and underwater, etc.

- Able to listen to music, take photos and videos, use compass application, etc. in underwater

- Implements underwater touchscreen function by putting air between two layers

- Prevents smartphone loss due to buoyance in the water

- Offers a smartphone fixed pad for clear photographs by preventing movement in the waterproof case

- Provides a hand strap for convenient use of the waterproof case in the water

- Provides a waterproof neck strap made of urethane material with excellent rigidity

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Product mpac Snorkel
Model No. S20
Size 117 x 210 x 12 mm
Weight 65g
Component Waterproof case, fixed pad, neck strap
Material PVC
color Black, White, Pink, Navy, Sky
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
Distributor mpacplus
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg. No.1911811,1886360
1068349, 1065886, 1117889, 1068344,1068284
U.S. Trademark Reg. No.5,362,566
China Trademark Reg. No.21524486
Korean Trademark Reg. No.1166534,1166532
1166531,1175794, 1175795,1436636