mpac Classic

With many years of experience and high-technology, the waterproof case can be safely used in shallow seas and swimming pools in recognition of its high waterproof grading. Also, there is a card pocket attached to the back of the waterproof case to store credit cards, etc.

- Certified as IP68 rating, the highest level of waterproofness in international standards

- Possible to make phone calls, use touchscreen, take pictures with the smartphone in the waterproof case

- 100% complete waterproof in 100m underwater

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Product mpac Classic
Model No. C30
Size 117 x 210 x 12 mm
Weight 41g
Component Waterproof case, fixed pad, neck strap
Material PVC
color Black, White
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg. No.1886360,1068349
1065886, 1117889, 1068344,1068284
U.S. Trademark Reg. No.5,362,566
China Trademark Reg. No.21524486
Korean Trademark Reg. No.1166534
1166532,1166531, 1175794,1175795,1436636