Innersum Care Mask

A soft inner mask worn inside of a rough disposable mask


-Compatible with all disposable masks

-Uses hypoallergenic materials to prevent breakouts

-Secured breathing space with air pocket technology

-Prevents fogging of glasses with patented technology

-Reusable inner mask that can be washed repeatedly

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Product Inner Breath Care Mask
Size 169(w) x 119(h)
Weight 5.5g
Material Polyurethane
color White
Manufacturer mpacplus
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
Distributor mpacplus
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Pending Appl.No.10-2020-0143566,10-2020-0164917
Korea Design Appl. No.30-2020-0058404
Korean Trademark Appl. No.40-2020-0213111