Microcells Puff

A silicone puff with a microcell surface that spreads and distributes cosmetics thinly on the skin.


- Hypoallergenic puff safe for skin

- Appearance of glowing skin! Make your skin glow.

- Affordable silicone puff

- Eco-friendly, hygienic puff


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Product Jelly Farm Microcells Silicone Puff
Model No. D500 orange D500 peach
Size 58 x 58 x 5 mm 53 x 52 x 5 mm
Weight 12g 11g
Component Silicone puff, portable case
Material Silicone, TPU
color Orange, Peach
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Intellectual property rights. Korea Patent Reg. No. 2056615
International Patent Appl. No. PCT/KR2018/013427
U.S. Patent Pending Appl. No.16/764,576
Japan Patent Pending Appl. No. 2020-514254
China Patent Pending Appl. No. 201880065074.X
Korea Design Reg. No. 1007125, 1012970
China Trademark Reg. No.33384510
Korean Trademark Reg. No. 1397329, 1436636