ice ring

A body cooling item that quickly restores the elevated body temperature to normal.


-Maintains the optimum cooling temperature to prevent skin necrosis due to cooling

-Recovers body functions through rapid body temperature control

-Cooling function freezes even when put it in water lower than 18 degrees Celsius

-Ergonomic design has excellent fit and usability

-Patent application and design registration

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Product icering
Model No. B18C/B18B
Size 162mm*152mm/182mm*160mm
Weight 120g 220g
Component basic(1ea) jumbo(1ea)
Material TPU, Refrigerant
color Blue,white,pink,black
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Country of Origin korea
Distributor mpacplus
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg. No.2203873
Korea Design Reg. No.0949304,0949305,0949308
Korean Trademark Reg. No.1340987,1340990,1340994,1408425,1436636