mpac Dive

- Complete waterproof using patented technology and high-quality TPU material

- Able to listen to music, take photos and videos, use compass application, etc. in underwater

- Certified as waterproof in 200 meters underwater; IPX8 rating is the highest level of waterproofness

- Possible to function smartphone touchscreen up to 40 meters underwater

- Passed the smartphone water pressure test (100 meters per hour)

- Provides slide-type red filter for the camera color correction at water depth of 3 meters or more

- Offers a smartphone fixed pad for clear photographs by preventing movement in the waterproof case

- Provides a hand strap for convenient use of the waterproof case in the water

- Offers a high-quality towel to store waterproof case and remove moistures after use

- Provides a non-toxic neck strap made of urethane material and has excellent design

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Product mpac Dive
Model No. D30
Size 117 x 220 x 12 mm
Weight 130g
Component Waterproof case, fixed pad, neck strap
Material PVC, TPU
color Black, Blue
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg. No.1911811,1886360
1068349, 1065886, 1117889,1068344,1068284
U.S. Trademark Reg. No.5,362,566
China Trademark Reg. No.21524486
Korean Trademark Reg. No.1166534,1166532
1166531,1175794, 1175795,1436636