Drybag 10L, 20L

Comfortably used at anytime and anywhere! Drybag is a practical multi-purpose waterproof bag that can be easily carried not only during sports, travelling, hiking, beaches or swimming pools, but it could be also used conveniently in everyday life.


- 158g. Super lightweight.

- 100% made in Korea with eco-friendly materials

- Waterproof and smooth touch

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Product 드라이백
Model No. DB10 DB20
Size 200 x 370 mm 250 x 450 mm
Weight 158g 205g
Component Dry bag, Shoulder strap.
Material PVC
color Black, white, pink, sky, navy Black, navy, yellow
Manufacturer mpacplus / Possible option for OEM
Intellectual property rights. Korean Trademark Reg. No.0929016,1436636