[Current news] We're expanding the supply of waterproof bags for survival swimming education. 2022-01-18

The "multipurpose waterproof bag and survival bag" for survival swimming education developed by MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh) is known to have increased production to expand the supply of elementary schools, along with registration of three products at the Public Procurement Service's Nara Market Venture Country and School Market.

Survival swimming education is included in the curriculum for elementary school students to cope with crises and to ensure safety of their lives, and according to MPAC Plus, more and more schools are currently educating their survival bags along with alternatives that can function as buoyancy.

It is the world's first international waterproof IPX8 certification (10 meters/3 hours deep) in the field of waterproof bags (drybags) and passed the KC Children's Product Hazardous Substances Safety Test, and is made in various sizes and colors for both elementary school students and adults. It also has a feature that allows the bag to be quickly filled with air and used as a survival tube without blowing air into the mouth in case of an emergency.

To this end, if you open the inside of the bag with both hands to have a volume and fold the entrance of the bag more than four times, it becomes a perfect waterproof tube, and it floats even when your belongings are put in, so you can quickly cope with water accidents in an emergency.

In addition, the flat-type design is a soft, wrinkle-free, ultra-light four-season material that can create unique fashion, can be used as an essential auxiliary bag for survival when traveling, and can be used for various purposes such as cushions, pillows, and water pockets if necessary.

Meanwhile, MPAC Plus Co., Ltd., which has 38 years of high-frequency bonding technology and 130 domestic and foreign patent technologies since its foundation in 1985, is a venture company that produces waterproof bags and smartphone underwater touch waterproof packs based on ISO, corporate research institutes, venture companies, material parts, and brand K certification.

Son Kwang-oh, CEO of MPAC Plus Co., Ltd., said, "The product is well-received in that it can be used as a waterproof bag for students' survival swimming education and can be used as a survival tube for survival knitting activities, or as a must-have for emergency swimming."

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