[Tendency check] I'm using MPAC+'s ice vest, cool-time neck cooler, and medical staff at the screening clinic. 2022-01-18

사진: 엠팩플러스 아이스조끼와 쿨타임 넥쿨러

It is known that the cool scarf neck cooler and ice vest of MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh) are being actively supplied to medical staff at screening clinics who are having great difficulties in their work due to the summer heat.

The medical staff at the screening clinic, which is struggling with COVID-19 at the peak of the summer in August, are struggling with the heat due to difficulty in ventilation, and many medical staff are enduring the summer through MPAC Plus cooling vests and cool-time neck coolers.

A number of medical staff wearing the products designed to withstand the heat have been known through media and SNS.

The "Cool Time" Cool scarf neck cooler, called "Ice Necklace," is a summer-only product designed to help lower body temperature around the neck, and because it is cooled at 18 degrees Celsius, it is not cold like ice, preventing condensation caused by temperature differences. It is also characterized by providing a pleasant fit with patented technology without sewing wires.

Two types of ice vests (cool vests) that cool at 18 degrees and 28 degrees are patented technology products that restore the body's body temperature to normal body temperature by wearing two cooling packs filled with four-row, three-stage arrangements in square cell shape. Ice water, water purifier water, tap water, and refrigerator at temperatures below 18 or 28 degrees Celsius are quickly cooled between 6 and 15 minutes, so cold water can be used regardless of location, and can be cooled more than 10,000 times to be used semi-permanently.

In addition to these two items, MPAC Plus has a lineup of multi-use masks, dry bags, survival bags, and waterproof packs, and is registered as manufactured goods at the Public Procurement Service's Nara Market and supplied for use by screening clinics as well as local government agencies.

"We have expanded the supply of ice vests from healthcare staff due to increased demand for ice vests, and many of the cool-time neck coolers are also generated at screening clinics at local governments and health centers," said Magi-hyung, head of technology sales at MPack Plus.

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