[Everyday Economy] Korea International Cool Industry Exhibition, 3-day-long schedule. "A remarkable achievement". 2022-01-18

Daegu EXCO announced on the 26th that the 2021 Korea International Cooling Industry Expo 2021, hereinafter K-ICE 2021, has completed its three-day schedule on the 23rd with significant results in responding to heat waves, fine dust, climate and environmental changes and revitalizing the cool industry.

Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, and organized by Daegu EXCO, the organizing committee of the heatwave response forum, and KOTRA, "K-ICE 2021" opened on July 21 with a three-day schedule. Contrary to initial concerns that exhibition performance will be poor due to the fourth COVID-19 epidemic, "K-ICE 2021" boosted the satisfaction of participating companies due to the expansion of visits by real visitors with high purchasing power and the export and domestic consultation meeting that achieved remarkable consultation results.

An official from a participating company who submitted heat wave reduction facilities and devices such as shade masks, cooling fogs, and clean roads said, "The number of general visitors to the exhibition hall decreased due to the unexpected spread of COVID-19 and the adjustment of distance stages, but the quality of counseling improved."

In particular, at this exhibition, leading companies in the cool industry such as Midney, Samhan C1, Sharing Insulation, Century System, MetalCraft Korea, and GS Shayang Industry showed off their upgraded clean roads, cooling fog, heat blocks, heat shield paint, and smart shade.

At the same time, E-Tech Industry, Realtech, Testonic, and Spire Technology also introduced new forms of fine dust reduction devices and technologies, raising visitors' interest. In addition, in the field of personal air conditioning, Solirex's "cooling vest," MPAC Plus's "neck cooler," and Innoect's "cooling welding helmet" were popular as "heat wave response items for field workers."

In particular, the "Public Domestic Purchase Consultation," which was held by 21 demanding organizations and 36 participating companies, participated in 137 consultations with 12 buyers from five countries, including China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, to support KOTRA's overseas market development. The estimated consultation amount of participating companies through this export and domestic consultation meeting is estimated to be about 10 billion won.

In addition, the National Institute of Disaster and Safety expressed public interest by introducing "heat and drought-related policies and research results," while the Daegu Regional Meteorological Administration provided an opportunity to re-recognize climate change issues through demonstrations of "weather observation vehicles" and "Daegu Gyeongbuk Climate Change Response Workshop." In addition, the Korea Water Circulation Association shared the "effect of water circulation contributing to urban heat island reduction" through product promotion and seminars of member companies, and the "Yangsan Lounge" lounge, which promoted the "Yangsan Writing Movement" of the Ministry, was considered the most popular place.

"We plan to establish various strategies to further expand business programs to enhance the performance of participating companies in the next exhibition, and focus all our capabilities on K-ICE 2021 to become an 'international exhibition' that attracts global attention beyond domestic representatives," CEO EXCO said.

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