[Pinpoint News] MPAC Plus has developed two types of ice cooling vests that cool at 18 degrees and 28 degrees. 2022-01-18

Neck cooler (Cool Scarf) and cool cushion producer MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh) said they applied for a patent for two cooling vests that cool at 18 degrees and 28 degrees and completed product registration at the Nara Market of the Public Procurement Service.

A company official said, "Last year, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters urgently imported (the Netherlands) cooling vests to COVID-19 quarantine medical staff who were tired of the heat. As an opportunity, we developed cooling vests with excellent cooling functions and wearability and distributed them to Korea."

The product features two cooling packs filled with refrigerants cooled at 18 or 28 degrees between two polyurethane films in a square cell-shaped four-row, three-stage arrangement, with a shoulder belt and a chest belt to restore the elevated body temperature to normal body temperature.

The 28-degree cooling vest is useful in helping to increase safety, health, and work efficiency by lowering the body's thermal stress caused by wearing protective clothing, such as quarantine medical staff and firefighters, and increasing body temperature when working in high temperature and humidity.

It lasts for about 2 hours and 30 minutes at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

The 18-degree cooling vest is suitable for maintaining health and long-term use by rapidly lowering body temperature raised by exposure to heat, such as agricultural activities, industrial field workers, athletes, sports hiking and leisure activities, and continues to cool for about an hour and a half at 30 degrees.

Unlike the existing fabric-based vest, which puts an ice pack in a pocket, the vest itself is made of a cooling pack, so it has good body adhesion and has an excellent cooling effect.

It is a free size that is not related to its physique and is adjusted to fit its physique with shoulder and chest belts, so it is made of a flexible film material that is excellent to wear and is especially easy to clean to prevent infection.

The product emphasized that ice water, tap water, water purifier water, or refrigerator at temperatures below 18 or 28 degrees Celsius can be cooled quickly for about 6 to 15 minutes, can only be used regardless of location, and can be cooled more than 10,000 times and used semi-permanently.

We are preparing to procure government and public institutions in anticipation of high demand from special workers such as quarantine medical staff, health centers, and firefighters, and expect high demand during agricultural and fishing, field workers, sports and leisure activities, said Magi-hyung, head of technology sales.

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