[Beyond Post] MFACT+ "Jelly Farm" Microcell Silicon Puff "Brand K". 2022-01-18


The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced on the 14th that it held a final fair for the 3rd Brand K, a joint brand of the Korean national team, at COEX in Seoul on the 11th and finally selected 70 products, including Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff, developed for the first time in the world by MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh).

Brand K is a project that grants Brand K, a joint trademark of the national team, to consumer goods products of small and medium-sized companies that have excellent products but are unable to advance overseas due to lack of awareness, and supports sales through promotion and promotion. The total number will be 203 by adding 70 to 133 previously selected products.

According to MPAC Plus, Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff exhibits adhesion and coverage by evenly diffusing and distributing cosmetics evenly on the skin without agglomeration by 8,100 fine embossing-type microcells

In addition, cosmetics do not permeate the puff at all, so you can always use it as new as long as you wipe it off with a wet tissue after use, so you can use it safely from skin troubles, bacteria, and viruses by solving hygiene problems, and it is an eco-friendly product made of silicone and polyurethane film materials.

"This product has been registered as a patent, design, and trademark in Korea, is undergoing patent review in the United States, China, and Japan, and will expand to online and offline global markets such as China, Southeast Asia, and Europe along with exports to the United States, Canada, and Japan based on patented technology," he said.

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