[Beyond Post] MPAC Plus "Jelly Farm" sports mask and active fit mask. 2022-01-18


It was announced on the 12th that it has released a new product called "Active Fit Mask" at Jelly Farm of MPAC Plus.

The representative products, Jelly Farm's Soft Fit Mask and Comfort Fit Mask, are a combination of inner and general masks and are made of premium double-layered masks that can be worn daily as well as indoor and outdoor sports.

In particular, the biggest feature is that it can be worn for a long time because it is not humid due to securing a breathing space due to Jelly Farm's patented technology inside the mask. In fact, in the U.S., the results of the CDC experiment showed that wearing two layers of masks has a corona blocking effect of more than 95%, and in the U.S., it is recommended to wear a "double layer mask" to prevent the spread of COVID-19, an official said.

The active fit mask is made of polyurethane, a skin hypoallergenic fabric, which can be worn without irritation to the skin, and is a soft fabric mask suitable for those who have suffered from contact dermatitis and trouble.

Due to its excellent waterproof function, the mask does not get wet easily, so it can be worn for a long time. It is made in two layers and has strong durability, making it a sports mask suitable for intense exercise and static exercise such as hiking, golf, fitness, yoga, and crossfit.

There are two colors: black and beige, and it is a simple and neat beige logo that can be worn by anyone of all ages, and it has a design with a sporty feeling in the center of the mask and the earrings, giving it an active feeling.

According to officials, Jelly Farm's Active Fit Mask can be purchased at 12,900 won, a 60% discount from 29,900 won, as a new product launch event on Naver's official Jelly Farm smart store.

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