[Pinpoint News] MPAC Plus Jelly Farm releases a new 3D fashion mask called "Comfort Fit Mask". 2022-01-18

MPAC Plus' Jelly Farm has released a new product called "Comfort Fit Mask."

MPAC Plus, which specializes in developing and producing waterproof packs and air fresheners, has entered the mask business due to the COVID-19 incident and launched an "Inner Breath Care Mask" that wears inside disposable masks following its flagship product Jelly Farm "Soft Fit Mask."

This year, it launched 'Comfort Fit Mask' as its first product in the first half of this year.

"Comfort Fit Mask" is a product made based on the reviews of existing soft fit mask buyers.

The harder hardness and thickness fabric was used to increase the thermal effect in the cold winter. It is characterized by the fact that the design of the cheekbone and cheeks is made suitable for the shape of the face, allowing it to create a prettier faceline.

It has produced an additional new color "Cozy Brown," which has been requested by many buyers, and a design that applies a new printing technique to the bottom of the mask stands out.

A company official said, "Comfort fit masks guarantee high-quality quality through 100% self-production from fabric to manufacture," adding, "We have been certified by the National Institute of Testing and have been certified for skin hypoallergenic and children's products common safety standards, antibacterial, UV protection, and deodorizing effects."

He added, "It is made of materials with excellent elasticity and resilience, so even if you wear it for a long time, it can be repeatedly washed more than 100 times and dried quickly to maintain comfort."

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