[Sports trend] MPAC Plus Jelly Farm. New Inner Breath Care Mask. 2022-01-18

Empack Plus' Jelly Farm has released a new product called "Inner Breathing Care Mask."

MPAC+, which specializes in developing and producing smartphone waterproof packs and air fresheners with high-frequency bonding techniques and more than 100 patented technologies, has entered the mask business due to the COVID-19 incident and launched an "inner breathing care mask" inside a disposable mask.

Inner Breath Care Mask is a soft inner mask worn inside a rough disposable mask and features a feather-like light and soft fit. It was produced by asking medical and service workers who wear masks for a long time during the actual development process, and the biggest feature is that "the inside of the mask feels dry because there is no drop due to breath."

In addition, it guarantees high-quality quality through 100% self-production from fabric to manufacture. It has been certified by the National Institute of Testing and Research and has been certified for skin hypoallergenic and children's products' common safety standards, antibacterial, UV protection, and deodorizing effects, and is made of 1.5mm ultra-slim design and resilient materials, so it is less painful to wear for a long time. In addition, it can be repeatedly washed more than 100 times and dried quickly to maintain comfort.

Jelly Farm's patented air pocket technology secures breathing space, helping people breathe comfortably, and is useful for wearing masks for a long time. It prevents skin troubles with soft skin hypoallergenic materials and develops the same hardness as the skin to prevent cosmetics from being erased or stained. In addition, it has the effect of preventing fogging of glasses due to securing a breathing space.

According to officials, Jelly Farm's "Inner Soom Care Mask" can be purchased at a 50% discount on Naver's official Jelly Farm smart store.

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