[Korea Economic TV] After washing MPAC+ Jelly Farm Mask 100 times, I succeeded in the smear test. 2022-01-18

On the 15th, smartphone waterproof pack company MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh) asked the KOTITI Testing Institute, a nationally recognized testing institute, to conduct liquid resistance (non-mal blocking) tests (mask guidelines for droplet blocking), and revealed that 'water droplets' did not fall within 30 minutes.

In the case of disposable droplet blocking masks, unlike testing liquid resistance before washing, it is very meaningful that they succeeded in washing 60 times and 100 times, which is very eco-friendly as they can be reused while maintaining the droplet blocking effect for more than 3 months.

This jelly farm mask received patent registration and three design registrations from the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the invention of 'how to manufacture multi-use masks'. It was developed based on the newly developed wet polyurethane high-tech materials and technology so that it can be used for activity and four seasons with a light and soft fit.

"Jelly Farm Soft Fit Mask" explains that through KATRI (Korea Institute of Clothing Testing), its performance was verified in eight major harmful substances detection tests based on common safety standards for children's products, antibacterial, UV protection performance, skin irritation, and deodorization tests.

According to the company, the anti-pneumonia and yellow staphylococcus antibacterial tests showed 99.9% inhibitory effects, and the highest blocking index UPF 50+ and UV protection rate A.B were all 99.9% or higher, and the skin irritation test (indulgence test) showed excellent odor removal rate of 8%.

This product creates a sleek V-line with a three-dimensional fit surrounding the face curve and excellent adhesion, prevents penetration of harmful substances and dust, and has excellent elasticity, eliminates ear pain even when used for a long time, and allows you to breathe comfortably with structural volume. In addition, it is economical because it is 1.5mm ultra-slim design and 6g ultra-lightweight, neat and stylish with seamless techniques without sewing wires, maintains comfort through fast drying, and can be used several times a day, especially after 100 washing.

"Masks are daily necessities, but disposable masks are polluting the global environment, and based on the reliability of domestic materials, we have more than 2 million monthly production facilities," said Magi-hyung, director of MPAC Plus. "We expect more than 1.4 million sales this year through our brand, Japan, and Canada."

In addition, he added, "Through SBA (Seoul Business Agency), mobile live broadcasts have been conducted in collaboration with famous Japanese influencer to prepare for encore broadcasts due to enthusiastic responses from Japanese consumers to Jelly Farm masks, and we will continue with renewed products on the 15th."

Meanwhile, MPAC Plus Co., Ltd. developed a mask neck strap (magnet type and button type), which has established itself as a mask necessity, completed two patent applications and three design registrations, and began production and sales in earnest. An official explained that this product is the world's first to protect masks from contamination during activities because it uses eco-friendly polyurethane film materials and is hygienic because contaminants do not permeate, easy to clean and light to use.

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