[Apparel News] MFACT+ "Jelly Farm" Multiuse Mask Naver Shopping Live. 2022-01-18

Apparel News reporter Cho Eun-hye] MPAC Plus' Jelly Farm Mask started selling in earnest by transmitting real-time live broadcasts using the Naver Live Shopping Platform of the Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency. In the real-time broadcast that day, Jelly Farm's popular products "Soft Fit Mask," "Jelly Farm Mask Strap," and "Jelly Farm Microcell Puff" were sold.

Jelly Farm Soft Fit Mask guarantees high-quality quality through 100% self-production from fabric to manufacture. It has been certified by the National Institute of Testing and Research and has been certified for skin hypoallergenic and children's products' common safety standards, antibacterial, UV protection, and deodorizing effects, and is made of 1.5mm ultra-slim design and resilient materials, so it is less painful to wear for a long time. It can also be washed repeatedly and dried quickly to maintain comfort.

It consists of five sizes that can be used from one-year-old infants to adult men and women. There are two colors: black and white, and the sizes are XXS (1–4 years old, infants), XS (5–9 years old), and S (children). Adult women), M (average adult men and women), and L (above average adult men and women).

"Jelly Farm Mask Strap" is a durable TPU material that is less dirty than other materials and does not break easily, so it can be used for a long time. It is characterized by light activity with an ultra-light weight of 4g.

Jelly Farm Microcell Puff has 8,100 microcells, which keep the foundation thin and adhering to the skin. The characteristic of silicone puffs is that the foundation is not absorbed by the puffs, so it can be used economically compared to sponge puffs, and it can be used hygienically by wiping it off with wet wipes or running water after use.

Up to 9,000 people watched it in real time while communicating directly with consumers through Jelly Farm's live commerce broadcast, and it induced favorable responses with various comments and quiz events.

According to officials, Jelly Farm's first live broadcast will be unexpectedly large, so it will actively approach consumers through online shopping platforms and live broadcasts on various channels.

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