[Seoul Economic Daily] MPAC Plus, Antibacterial and UV protection fashion mask "Jelly Farm Soft Fit" mass production facility. 2022-01-18

MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh), known as a master of smartphone waterproof packs, announced on the 8th that it has completed a new eco-friendly mask project that can be reused more than 60 times a month based on new polyurethane materials and technology for activity and four seasons.

The newly developed "Jelly Farm Soft Fit Mask" is explained by KATRI (Korea Institute of Clothing Testing) that its excellent performance has been verified in eight major harmful substance detection tests for children's products, antibacterial, UV protection, skin irritation, and deodorization tests.

According to the company, the pneumococcal and yellow staphylococcus tests showed 99.9% inhibitory effects, the highest blocking index UPF 50+, 99.9% blocking rate in the UV protection test, the skin irritation test (erythema, edema, and palpitations) has no skin irritation with 86% deodorization rate.

This product is especially light and soft, making it active and can be used all year round, creating a sleek V-line with a three-dimensional fit surrounding the face curve and excellent adhesion, preventing penetration of harmful substances and dust, and breathing comfortably thanks to its structural volume.

In addition, it is a stylish fashion mask with a 1.5mm ultra-slim design and 6g ultra-lightweight seamless technique without sewing wires, and can be washed several times a day with fast drying, especially economical and eco-friendly because it is not deformed more than 60 times after washing.

An official from MPAC Plus Co., Ltd. said, "Masks are daily necessities, but being made for disposable use are polluting the global environment, and we are preparing to export 2 million masks per month based on the reliability of domestic materials."

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