[Weki tree] "Is it a bag or a tube?" This is all I need when playing in the water. MFACTORY 369 Survival Tube Bag. 2022-01-18

Waterproof, tube-transforming survival tube bag... You can meet them at Wadiz.

Essentials for playing in the water. MFACTORY 369 survival tube bag.
이하 엠팩플러스
Hereinafter, MPAC Plus.

Dry bags, such as water parks and the sea, which are essential items for playing in the water. A dry bag that can transform into a tube has emerged with a perfectly waterproof function.

It is the "MPack 369 Survival Tube Bag" released by MPack Plus. It is currently available in Wadiz.

These days, when you go on a lot of water vacations, you should always pay attention to safety accidents with children who don't know where to run. You can't help being anxious while protecting it closely for a minute and a second.

The survival tube bag was born from this concern. The survival tube bag is perfectly waterproof if the entrance is folded more than four times. It is also said that it can quickly cope with water safety accidents in case of an emergency because it floats on water even when its belongings are in it.

The survival tube bag has various capacities of 3L, 6L, and 9L (liter) and a simple flat type design of 6 colors.

It is an essential auxiliary bag or dry bag for survival when traveling, a waterproof swimming bag that puts supplies in survival swimming education, and can be used as a survival tube and a Swim Buoy in case of an emergency. When the bag is filled with air, it can be used as a cushion, pillow, and water bag, and can be used as a shoulder bag & cross bag, backpack, and tote bag depending on the environment of use.

In addition, the capacity can be expanded by up to 3 L without folding the bag inlet. It is a soft, wrinkle-free, ultra-light four-season material that can create unique fashion depending on the number of times the bag entrance is folded.

MPAC 369 Survival Tube Bag passed the international certified waterproof grade IPX8 certification (10 meters deep/3 hours) and the KC Children's Product Hazardous Substances Safety Test.

Since its foundation in 1985, MPAC Plus is a venture company that manufactures underwater touch waterproof packs, dry bags, waterproof bags, cosmetic puffs, odor deodorizers, and mosquito repellents based on the know-how of high frequency bonding technology and 110 domestic and overseas patent technologies.

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