[Aving News] I'm going to introduce "Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff" where you can feel the soft touch and moisture coverage. 2022-01-18


MPAC Plus (CEO Son Kwang-oh) will participate in the "2018 G-FAIR KOREA (Korea Excellent Products Exhibition)" held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang from October 24 (Wed) to 27 (Sat) to showcase a cosmetic silicone puff that forms an uneven microcell on the foundation surface.


In 37, MPAC Plus, which has more than 100 patented technologies and know-how in high frequency bonding and charging technologies, entered the cosmetics subsidiary material field and developed and patented a cosmetic silicone puff "Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff" that formed an uneven microcell on the foundation-coated surface.


Since the existing silicone puff has a plain pattern on the surface of the foundation, it is slippery and uneven when applying cosmetics, resulting in poor adhesion. On the other hand, "Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff" is a product that exhibits fast adhesion and superior coverage by diffusing and distributing foundations to the skin by 1,030 microcells in a three-dimensional uneven shape. As this silicone puff has high adhesion, it has a long lasting effect and can feel a soft touch and moisture coverage that does not fall off when putting on makeup.


In addition, Jelly Farm Puff is hygienic because it does not absorb foundations, is easy to clean, and can save about a third of cosmetics compared to existing sponge puffs. In addition, it can obtain a massage effect due to silicone elasticity, and at the same time, if the puff is cooled, it can be used to reduce pores and remove swelling. Jelly Farm Microcell Silicon Puff' satisfies many consumers in that it has a long service life and is eco-friendly using silicon and polyurethane materials that are harmless to the human body.


An official from MPAC Plus promoted the product, saying, "Jelly Farm Microcell Silicone Puff is a versatile puff that can be used not only for foundations but also for all cream-type cosmetics such as sunscreen and basic cosmetics."


MPAC Plus is a company that manufactures and produces underwater touch waterproof packs, dry bags, cosmetic puffs, deodorants, and air fresheners for smartphones, and succeeded in localizing plain-patterned silicone puffs in 2017.


Meanwhile, the "2018 G-FAIR KOREA (Korea Excellent Product Exhibition)" is hosted by the Gyeonggi-do and National Small and Medium Business Support Center Council, organized by the Gyeonggi Economic Science Promotion Agency and KOTRA, and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the World Trade Association. The size of the exhibition will consist of about 1,000 companies and 1,100 booths, and the exhibition items are as follows. △ Household goods Architectural interior △ Leisure supplies △ Electric electronics △ Vehicle supplies △ Medical supplies △ Kitchen furniture △ IT products, etc.


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