[Sports Seoul] Domestically produced luxury dry bags and waterproof bags. 2022-01-18

MPAC Plus Co., Ltd. has launched the lightest eco-friendly dry bag (DB10) in the industry with know-how and patented technology for 35 years.


The waterproof bag of the MPAC Plus Dry Bag (DB10) has been released in five colors that are popular with young customers in their 20s and 30s, especially female customers, who are looking for products with excellent cost-effectiveness.


Most of the dry bag waterproof bags released in Korea are made of Chinese tarpaulin, which is heavy and dark when used by consumers and has a unique smell, raising complaints from consumers.


The MPAC Plus 10-liter dry bag has the advantage of enhanced waterproof function and easy pollution management, and is worth using if you prepare for overseas travel, swimming pools, and resort trips to prevent the contents from getting wet even during the rainy season when the weather changes frequently.


Depending on the material and pattern design, it is released at a reasonable price between 14,900 won and 49,000 won, and offline stores are sold through various distribution channels such as E-Mart (about 80 stores).


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