– Enable use of applications such as listening to music, take photo and video, compass, etc. in the water
– Inject air between 2 layers of material to enable under touchscreen function
– Prevent phone loss by use of buoyancy in the water
– Provide smartphone fixing pad for clear photo to prevent shaking inside the waterproof case
– Provide h and-strap for user convenience of waterproof pack under the water
– Provide non-toxic, excellent design urethane material neck strap

Let’s enjoy underwater photo!
Underwater dedicated waterproof photo case

is equipped with underwater

touchscreen technology, and it is specifically designed for underwater use.
Capture the precious moments at the beach and at a pool party with your smartphone, even underwater!

is an excellent product that has been certified with 10 meter waterproof capability
and 5 meter underwater touch screen function
It has very high waterproof grade of IP68.


Product Name Waterproof case
Product No S20
Material PVC
Size 117x210x10(mm)
Country of Origin South Korea
Maker mpacplus
Color Black, White