– Perfect waterproof achieved using patented concavo-convex engagement technology and quality TPU material
– Enjoy music, take photo and video, use compass application, etc. in the water
– 200 meter water depth waterproof IPX8 achieved, the highest waterproof grade
– Able to use smartphone touchscreen function up to 40 meter water depth
– Passed 100 meter/1 hour water pressure test for smartphone
– Provide slide type red filter for color compensation at more than 3 meter water depth
– Provide smartphone fixing pad for clear photo to prevent shaking inside the waterproof case
– Provide h and-strap for user convenience of waterproof case under the water
– Provide quality towel to remove moisture from waterproof case and other items for storage
– Provide non-toxic, excellent design urethane material neck strap

Different from other general waterproof pack,
it is mpacplus product optimized for scuba diving.


Product Name Waterproof case
Pduct No D20
Material TPU
Size 105x202x10(mm)
Country of origin South Korea
Maker mpacplus
Color Black, white, Blue, Pink