Compatible with scoop net connecting rod
that can be connected to fishing net.

The joint bolt installed to the rectangular plate at the back side of waterproof case
is designed to fit with female screw spec for the conventional fishing scoop net
to provide compatibility and convenience.

IPX8 certified – international recognized waterproof grade

Tested and proved by waterproof test at 200 meter/2 hour, and smartphone water pressure strength test at 100 meter/1 hour.

Position fixing pad prevents smartphone shaking, and allows to take clearer photos and videos

Able to make emergency call!

You can make emergency call or report
a distress situation in the sea using your smartphone
in waterproof case


Product Name Waterproof case
Product No F20
Material TPU,SUS
Size 105x202x30(mm)
Country of Origin South Korea
Maker mpacplus
Color SkyBlue