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TPU/PVC packaging technology know-hows and patented technologies.

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mpacplus is an expert company that develops and produces smartphone waterproof case and fragrance with its TPU/PVC packaging technology know-hows and around 100 items of patented technologies. ‘Daesang Tech’ is our former company that was established in 1984 as a vinyl laminating company, and we re-established the company with the name of mpacplus in 2015.

Smartphone waterproof case is made with urethane (TPU) or PVC film bonding know-how, and our patented concavo-convex engagement technology. It is the first of this type, and we are leading domestic waterproof case market with its certified 200 meter waterproof capability. We are the only company that developed Smartphone Waterproof Touchscreen case. It can replace underwater shooting equipment with smartphones, and it created emerging global market for scuba diving and skin diving, and we are leading the market with 1.5 million waterproof case production capacity per year.

Mosquito repellent or perfume is the unique product in the world, developed by engrafting production know-hows of air permeable film material with patented of packaging technologies. It leads domestic market with its lasting and uniform fragrance, and we exp and oversea markets including USA and China based on our production capacity of 2 million units/month and new product development efforts.

Company History


– 11월 : 이너숨케어마스크 개발

– 11월 : 마스크 스트랩(단추형,자석형) 개발

– 10월 : 다회용 마스크 60회 및 100회 세탁 후 액체저항성(비말차단) 시험 성공

– 10월 : 네이버 쇼핑라이브 첫 방송 진행(다회용 마스크)

– 9월 :성수동 제2공장 임대(공장등록증 발급)

– 8 : 다회용 마스크 특허 등록

-8  : 조달청 벤처나라 일반마스크 등 16개 품목 등록

-5  : 화장용 마이크로셀 퍼프 미국 특허출원

-4  : YTN 사이언스 황금나침반[기술자들]방송

-4  : 다회용 마스크 개발

-4  : 화장용 마이크로셀 퍼프 일본,중국 특허출원

-2  : 항바이러스 패치 개발

-2  : 폴드 앤 버클형 스마트폰 방수팩 개발

-2  : 다용도 방수가방 겸 생존 가방 리뉴얼

-1  : AIRBOAT BI 개발

-1  : 소재 부품 전문기업 확인서 연장 발급

2019 ~

-4  : 벤처 기업 인증

-4  : Marine Diving Fair 참가 (일본 도쿄)

-12  : 선크림용 마이크로셀 빅 퍼프 개발

-11  : 조달청 나라장터 직접생산확인 물품 등록

-9  : 보급형 드라이백 겸 레스큐 튜브 개발

-8  : 다용도 방수가방 겸 생존수영가방 와디즈 크라우드 펀딩

-7  : 다용도 방수가방 겸 생존수영가방 신제품 발표

-7  : 드라이백 겸 레스큐튜브 PCT 국제 특허출원

-7  : 인도네시아 K-스타트업 멘토링 참가

-6  : 다용도 방수가방 겸 생존수영가방 369(3L,6L,9L)개발

-5  : 방수가방 공급자 적합성 시험(어린이제품 공통안전 기준)

-5  : 다용도 방수가방 겸 생존수영가방 수심 10미터/3시간 방수시험 IPX8

-4  : 드라이백 겸 레스큐튜브 KC 안전인증

-4  : 공장 및 사무소 확장 이전(동대문구 용두동)

-4  : 벤처기업확인서 연장 발급

-4  : 두바이 무역사절단(UAE)참가

-3  : 드라이백 겸 레스큐 튜브 신제품 발표

-2  : 화장용 마이크로셀 메이크업 퍼프 리뉴얼

2018  ~

– 11  : 화장 용 마이크로 셀 퍼프 PCT 국제 특허 출원

11  : DEMA 쇼 2018 (USA) 참가

10  : 스마트 폰 방수팩 수심 500 미터 / 72 시간 방수 시험 IP68

 : 드라이 백 겸 레스큐 튜브 수심 100 미터 / 2 시간 방수 시험 IPX8

 : 드라이 백 겸 레스큐 튜브 개발

 : 하이 서울 우수 상품 어워드 인증

2017 ~

Apr: Certified Venture Company

Apr: Participate Marine Diving Fair (Tokyo, Japan)

Mar: Attend Japan Fishing Show (Yokohama, Japan)

Mar: Participate Korea International Fishing Expo

Feb: Enter Shinsegye Emart

Feb: Participate SPOEX 2017 (Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Expo)

Jan: Acknowledged as Material & Part Expert Company


Nov: Acknowledged as Disabled Enterprise

Nov: Awarded as Innovative Br and in 2016 Hi Seoul Excellent Product, and selected as Idea Product

Nov: Participate DEMA SHOW 2016

Oct: World’s first 200 meter water depth/2 hour waterproof achieved, the highest level of world protection st andard, IPX8

Oct: World’s first 100 meter water depth/1 hour waterproof achieved, the highest level of world protection st andard, IPX8

Sep: Acknowledged as R&D Department

Sep: Issued Factory Registration

Aug: Registered SME Company

Jul: Establish Oversea Sales Department

Jul: Develop and apply patent world’s first waterproof case for underwater ecology life photo.

May: Open On-line Shopping Mall including Naver Storefarm Shopping Mall, etc.

May: Participate 2016 Gyeonggi International Boat Show

Feb: Participate Seoul International Sport & Leisure Industry Expo


Nov. 2015~Dec. 2016: Develop world’s first waterproof touchscreen case for divers / Apply patent and trademark

Aug: Participate KITAS-IT’s Accessary, Peripheral Exhibition

May: Participate Seoul Living Design Fair

Mar: Renew Homepage

Mar: Change to mpacplus corporate

Mar: Develop car cradle for smartphone and fragrance (Good Design Award from KIDP)

Mar: Develop air bladder for lumber support in the car seat


Apr: 10 meter water depth/3 hour waterproof achieved, the highest level of world protection st andard, IP68


Jun: 50 meter water depth/3 hour waterproof achieved, the highest level of world protection st andard, IP68

Mar: Participate Seoul Living Design Fair


Feb: Participate 22nd Seoul International Sales Promotion, Gift & Homeware


Jun. 2011~Apr. 2014: Develop world’s first zipperless concavo-convex engagement smartphone waterproof case

Nov: Develop smartphone cradle

Jul: Joint develop heaving line pendulum with National Maritime Police Agency

Jun: Develop fragrance (mosquito repellent and fragrance)


Nov: Participate 31st PhotoKina in Koln, Germany

May: Develop fragrance test product

May: Participate Seoul International Photograph & Imaging Equipment Exhibition


Dec: Gold Award for 2009 Seoul Invention Fair

Nov: Participate Seoul Gift Show

Apr: Develop pest repellent wrist b and

Apr: Participate Seoul International Photograph & Imaging Equipment Exhibition


Jun. 2006~Oct. 2010: Develop world’s first mini album and printing sheet for mobile phones


Feb. 2001~Apr. 2011: Develop eco-friend fishing sinker


Establish Daesang Tech (Manufacturer of bonded vinyl products)